3 reasons why Microsoft 365 is a game changer in productivity solutions

5 March 2021


Communication, team collaboration and task digitization are critical for increasing or maintaining productivity at high levels. Simultaneously, the ability to create, find and retrieve files effortlessly in combination with a work-from-anywhere scheme contributes to the increase of business effectiveness. Access to the right mechanisms and tools facilitates the execution of daily tasks while offering flexibility and the necessary freedom so that businesses can focus achieving their goals. Microsoft 365 – formerly Office 365 – is designed to get the hard job done, while three main points make it the gamechanger in productivity solutions.


1. Digital transformation

Microsoft’s productivity solution consists of the well-known applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Planner, and any others depending on the Microsoft 365 plan. Data and information are stored in the cloud, so users can work from anywhere with any device at any time. In addition, users can share mailboxes, calendars, contacts, and edit documents in real time, enhancing an organization’s fast and smooth operation.

With cybersecurity being the top concern of every business – especially those managing sensitive data – the M365 offers a shielded environment with strong protection measures. The enterprise-level security of the suite proactively protects every digital aspect of a business without compromising productivity. Information and ideas are shared within members and groups based on the users’ access level. Emails and links are scanned in real-time to prevent redirection from malware links to unsafe sites. In the light of “mobile first-cloud first” reality, the users’ access via mobile devices is entirely controlled, protecting corporate data on personal devices.


2. All-in-one teamwork hub

Microsoft Teams is much more than a communication tool. It is a single platform, specifically designed to simplify the cooperation between teams, regardless of the business size.

The integration of the platform with the M365 makes Teams the all-in-one hub for teamwork. It hosts up to 250 participants in a call or video-call and provides the ability to conduct recorded webinars, including interactive means like polls. The application connects to other Microsoft Office services, such as Word and Excel, and cloud storage and sharing services such as SharePoint, PowerPoint, OneNote, Planner, and Power BI.

Most files, such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more, can be shared with one or more groups, keeping them synced ionn the cloud with OneDrive, or locally with SharePoint. At any time, team members can access the latest version of a file, while the entire team works on the same file simultaneously.

Microsoft Teams is currently compatible with Microsoft’s Tier-C* structure following the M365 data protection standards. The platform enforces group and unit-level 2FA (two-factor authentication) assessment and single sign-on access through the Active Directory service. Documents, spreadsheets, and files can therefore be stored and encrypted on SharePoint. Microsoft’s goal is to make Teams Tier-D compliant, sealing top levels of security for every business.

3. Digital low-cost workplace

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) inevitably completes the digital transformation of businesses by giving users the ability to work in a virtual environment on Azure. WVD facilitates groups and individual users by providing them access to a basic workstation from any computer or mobile device with all the necessary data and programs they need to work from anywhere, anytime.

By introducing WVD, the high cost of investing in hardware is significantly minimized. Storage and processing needs are covered by Azure cloud, so the equipment for accessing the main desktop may have basic specifications. In this way, the total hardware cost of one or more computers is remarkably reduced.

M365 features complement each other and connect harmoniously, making the suite extremely easy to use and necessary for any business regardless of its size. Organizations can level up their operations using powerful tools and services and strengthen their productivity and business security.

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check Over 85% of our partners started with a demo!


check We support and guide IT professionals like you to grow their business in the most efficient way.


check Take advantage of consultation according to your and your clients’ needs now!