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40+ cloud service Resellers in #Malta choose

for transferring their customers to the Cloud



Why to become an reseller?

7+1 reasons

  • Start at zero cost. This means you will have as much time as you need to understand the market and create your Cloud Reseller profile without any risk.
  • As an reseller you can ensure that you provide your customers with top Cloud services and products.
  • Our rich product and service portfolio enables you to choose the products you will sell to ensure maximum profit.
  • In our marketplace you will find everything your customers need. This way you will be able to cover all their software and infrastructure needs as an exclusive provider.
  • By choosing the Premium Partnership Package, you can have your own marketplace with your own logo and sell your own products.
  • provides 24/7 support ensuring the quality and smooth operation of all services. You do not need to take over the support of your customers. Our specialized technicians are always available.
  • We provide trainings through seminars, webinars and online materials to stay up-to-date on market trends.
  • Success is guaranteed. In this effort we are together! We help you reach your customers through events and marketing activities.

How we helped our resellers

Eyetech Ltd, Malta Patrick Cutajar, Managing Director

“ helped like no other tool Microsoft was providing! They helped us in pushing all cloud licenses straight away and also helped us effectively handle the administration of the costs”


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