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Azure Reserved
VM Instances (RIs)

Save up to 80% on Azure costs with Azure Reserved Instances and Azure Hybrid Benefit



Azure Reserved VM Instances are Virtual Machines which have been reserved on Microsoft Azure’s Public IaaS cloud for dedicated use on a one-year or three-year basis.

Azure RIs cost 72% less than standard on-demand, pay-per-use Azure VM instances and they provide you with the best price and flexibility in return for a commitment and upfront payment.

What are
What are Azure Reserved
VM Instances (RIs)?

MS Azure

Choose the Azure Instances that best fit your needs

Reserve your instances for 1 or 3 years with a single up front payment or on a monthly basis

Save up to 80% in Azure costs by combining RIs with Azure Hybrid Benefit

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choose Azure Reserved VM Instances

Why to choose Azure Reserved VM Instances?

Azure Reserved VM Instances address companies with a predefined workload that are looking for the most cost-efficient and flexible solution to run their processes in the Cloud.

Top 5 Azure Reservation Instances

Top 5 Azure Reservation Instances’ benefits

  1. High cost savings – Save up to 80%
  2. No contract lock-in – Cancel any time
  3. Operational flexibility – Swap your resources according to your needs
  4. Easier budgeting and forecasting – 100% predictable costs
  5. Prioritized computer capacity – Run on the Microsoft Azure infrastructure that is closest to your office

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