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There are clearly a number of key critical areas to observe in your approach to ensure GDPR compliance. Prepare your customers with our comprehensive GDPR solutions for each of their need.

Learn how you can boost your business with the proper digital tools and improve your digital marketing strategy! All webinars will be broadcasted in both English and Greek, so choose which suit you best!

​Earn Up to $20K! Acquire new customers & increase profitability with Microsoft's new campaign! It is addressed to CSP Direct Partners and CSP Indirect Resellers. 

A flexible option for your customers and for your practice is now available in our marketplace allowing you to align with how your customers are invoiced, if  desired and stay Microsoft consistent! 

Web backup service is reaching commercial End-of-Life on 1/11/2017. All existing subscriptions should be migrated to Acronis Backup on Azure, or Acronis Backup on, by 16 Oct 2017.