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What is the Cloud?

Cloud is the technology that came to change the way businesses work. With the Cloud you can forget about local storage – you are finally getting rid of hardware and maintenance costs – and start backing up and storing your data online, on remote, managed servers that guarantee maximum performance and total security.

What the Cloud offers you

In addition to the latest technologies for your business and peace-of-mind, the Cloud also offers:

  • Run Applications Online – your business applications run on a remote server without overloading your local infrastructure.
  • Online Data Storage – Your data is securely stored in the Cloud, so you can safeguard and recover it when needed.
  • Mobility – your applications and data are with you everywhere. You can access it easily and quickly from any device connected to the internet.
  • Scalability – Your infrastructure grows as your needs grow. With the cloud you can add or remove resources whenever you want to ensure that your processes are always running at maximum efficiency.
  • Security – Your data is encrypted, transmitted, and stored according to the latest, global security standards.
  • Management Services – You don’t need in-house technicians to manage your infrastructure. With managed services, is fully responsible for managing your cloud servers, ensuring the health and performance of your servers under any circumstances.

Why do I need to move my business to the Cloud?

Moving your business to the Cloud benefits from thousands of benefits such as security, support and unlimited scalable infrastructure.

Benefits of the Cloud

Here are the main advantages of the Cloud:

  1. Unlimited Capacity – Cloud capacity is unlimited and customized to suit your needs.
  2. Updates – all major updates are done instantly and automatically.
  3. Convenience – all you need to work in the Cloud is internet access.
  4. Cost savings – you only pay for the resources you use.

With what products/services should I start with?
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Find the Cloud solution that best suits your needs

Windows Azure Pack Cloud

Develop and run applications in hybrid environments with our new Cloud infrastructure, based entirely on Windows Azure Pack technology.

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Windows Azure Pack Dedicated Cloud

For your workload, use the high-speed infrastructure supported by Azure’s standard technologies,
build and run Cloud applications in a cost-effective way.

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Business Cloud Pack

Everything you need to move your business to the Cloud in one solution.
What the package offers you:
Cloud infrustuctures

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Can I become a Cloud Reseller?

You can become a Cloud Reseller in four simple steps:

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Step 1ο
Organize your strategy

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Step 2ο
Choose the products you want to sell

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Step 3ο
Choose the collaboration package that suits you best

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Step 4ο
Start selling

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