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Ultimate performance and security for your own
Azure-consistent dedicated cloud

Dedicated Cloud Servers με Windows Azure Pack από την

Α Dedicated Cloud with Microsoft Azure consistent experience and services

Run your workloads on ultra fast infrastructure powered by Azure consistent technologies,
build and deploy cloud-based applications the cost-effective way.


What is Azure Pack Dedicated?

A Dedicated Cloud is a single tenant cloud infrastructure, completely isolated from other tenants, with its own security and capacity.

A dedicated cloud is flexible, offering unlimited scalability opportunities and it is ideal for demanding cloud projects in terms of resources and performance.

Understanding the rising need of modern businesses for a secure and reliable dedicated cloud infrastructure, is welcoming the latest technologies, deploying Microsoft Windows Azure Pack for the first time!

Utilizing the latest hyper-converged technologies from Microsoft, our dedicated cloud ensures that every resource from compute to networking and storage is dedicated to a single customer. Combined with’s software-defined data center, our customers can optionally enable software-defined networking, monitoring and back up getting the best of cloud and dedicated hardware

Dedicated Cloud Benefits

Security and Compliance

Each Dedicated Cloud infrastructure is 100% dedicated to each customer. The solution complies with the ISO 27001 and is build on top of Windows 2016 software defined datacenter components the core technology found on Azure.


Flexibility and Scalability

Do you need to resize your infrastructure quickly? Go up to 16 servers and over 400 drives, for up to 1 petabyte (1,000 terabytes) of storage per cluster. To scale out, simply add drives or add more servers


Predictable expenses

Manage your budget with fixed pricing based on your hardware resources. With Dedicated Cloud, you get unlimited traffic, guaranteed bandwidth, and all windows licences included. No hidden costs! You can create as many windows and linux VMs without additional licensing


Managed, high-availaility infrastructure takes care of hardware virtualisation and management. If there is an incident, your dedicated hardware is covered by DELL support. Even in the smallest configuration you are able to lose one host until the other is replaced which guarantees your infrastructure’s high availability.



Unrivaled Performance. Storage Spaces features consistent low latency thanks to its hypervisor-embedded architecture, its built-in read/write cache, and support for SSD drives guarantee that your workloads will perform even


Recovered to Microsoft Azure

Hyper Converged Architecture

Dedicated Cloud Hyper-Converged deployment runs Hyper-V virtual machines o directly on the servers providing the storage, storing their files on the local volumes. This eliminates the need to configure file server access and permissions, in addition in creates a totally isolated environment for the end-customer to operate and run

Why is the Dedicated Cloud by Windows Azure Pack
so competitive compared to other solutions on the market?




From inside the Azure Pack interface, create an unlimited number of VMs




The cost of licenses is included in the price of the Hosts + you can create as many windows machines as you like without additional licensing!




The virtualization of your dedicated hardware as well as networking is fully managed by Optionally you can include back up and monitoring of the infrastructure




Guaranteed bandwidth, unlimited traffic, no hidden fee


10 Gbit uplinks
10 Gbit Networking
N+1 Power Reading

S2D Compute + Storage

NAT Gateway
VPN Gateway
Azure consistent experience

Azure Pack Dedicated Azure Pack dedicated Configurations

  Small Medium Large Xtra-Large Build your own
Software Defined Datacenter Windows Server 2016 Technologies
Compute platform powered by
Number of Nodes 2 2 3 4 up to 16
Total vCores per Plan 64-256 96-384 120-480 240-960 1664-6656
Total usable RAM (GB) per Plan 384 640 1344 2112 έως 12 TB
Cache per Node 1,9 TB
SSD caching
3,6 TB
SSD caching
5,7 TB
SSD caching
6,4 TB
SSD caching
Έως 1 PB
Storage 12 TB Usable 24 TB Usable 30 TB Usable 42 TB Usable Up to 1 PB usable Azure Pack Dedicated

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