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DRaaS is a hybrid cloud, all-in-one, IT continuity solution that protects and restores your data and servers in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. This service is applicable on both physical (on-premise) and virtual machines (VMs). It includes all features of Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud.

What is Acronis Disaster Recovery as a Service?

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Who might be interested?

Disaster Recovery as a Service (Acronis Hosted) 3

Most SMBs and large enterprises which aim is to secure business continuity and GDPR compliance in a reliable manner, without the need to invest in costly hardware solutions.

Because today businesses have no tolerance for downtime! So, quick recovery is vital to avoid expensive downtime, both financial and reputational damage.

Disaster Recovery has become a business necessity!’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (Acronis Hosted) offers an easy touse, turn-key, self-service solution that’s built on top of Acronis Backup Cloud.

Why should you resell DRaaS through

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Ensure now that your business stays in business!


The Business Challenge

Peter is the General Manager of the law firm “Law Power LTD” with a large customer base. For such a kind of business data is the organization’s lifeline. Few months ago they unfortunately experienced a huge data lossd ue to an employee’s unforeseeable mismanagement error.

Examining their current backup solution they came out that a disaster recovery solution requires two to three days. This presents several challenges with customer demands, risking their reliability and reputation, aswell.

What they need is to be able to recover their whole environment within no more than a few hours. However, after making a deep research for rebuilding their local servers from scrunch they end up that this is an extremely costly solution.

After reviewing other options, they decide to get consulted by their well trusted partner Mario who proposed an ideal solution according to their needs.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (Acronis Hosted) 5
Disaster Recovery as a Service (Acronis Hosted) 5

The Cloud Solution

The best solution to leverage disaster recovery that reduces the time and effort of planning and the downtime associated with implementing and failing back from disaster in any future live situation is the Disaster Recovery as a Service by!

One solution that needs zero CapEx to launch business both Mario (as an IT expert) and the Law Power LTD (as an end-customer) Disaster Recovery as a Service by based on Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud is an easy-to-start, turn-key solution. Workloads are protected by instantly spinning up IT systems in the managed cloud recovery site and recovering them to any similar or dissimilar hardware.

Using Disaster Recovery as a Service for both local and remote disaster recovery, as well as offsite backup, meant that all of the critical on-premise applications and data can be protected at intervals ranging from 15 minutes to daily as defined by the Law Power LTD.

The Results

Law Power LTD is able to set both Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) less than 15 minutes. Disaster Recovery solution enables top production and test failover speed, while flexible backup frequency policies lead to tighter RPOs.

Now with this top-in-class solution deployed, the upgrade is easily performed without any failover and minimal business disruption. Moreover, the firm feel confident in the improved ability to test the failover and recovery! They have peace of mind that even in case of a natural disaster their operations will automatically run on application level!

The disaster recovery is no longer a nightmare for their business continuity!

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Your customers can trust you will be there for them, no matter what!

Recover FAST & EASY with Acronis Disaster Recovery Service by

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Makes disaster recovery possible for customers without the budget for expensive upfront capital investments by using a cloud-based infrastructure that’s inexpensive and there when needed.

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Brings peace of mind to customers that couldn’t previously afford a disaster recovery solution. Through the power of cloud, even if a physical or logical disaster takes out a primary site, customers know that they are protected and can continue running their business.

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Eliminates the need for setting up multi-site failover solutions, which are complex and require in-depth hardware, software, and networking expertise.

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Shrinks recovery time to just a few minutes since all the data is already in the cloud.

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Automates failover testing by executing runbooks in isolation from the production network, making the procedure non-disruptive and leading to a more reliable service.

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Protects data on Windows and Linux virtual and physical machines, major hypervisors such as Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere and Microsoft business applications like Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Active directory.

We designed our solution to keep disaster recovery concern away, so you can maximize operations effectiveness!

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