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Protect your Organization’s Email Attachments from Malware/Ransomware

The best-in-class malware prevention solution for your Exchange Online & Microsoft 365 users

Built with sponsorship from the European Commission (Horizon 2020) to provide enterprise-grade deep file inspection malware protection, FileWall is the first native Content Disarm and Reconstructions (CDR) based security application for Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes.

As a top file sanitization technology, it simply disarms malicious code from files and generates a malware-free copy of the file to the Exchange Online/Microsoft 365 user.

What is the odix FileWall for Exchange online?

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Who might be interested?

SMBs, Midsize and Corporate organizations, who want to be always protected from email attachments cyber-attacks. With FileWall on Exchange Online by odix all Microsoft 365 admins are able to bring premium security to their users.

Today, an estimated 94% of malware is delivered via email. 90% of malware hidden in files use common types such as PDF, Office and archive.

With ransomware attacks on the rise and the cybersecurity solutions landscape becoming more complex, and difficult to navigate, businesses are seeking additional layers of cybersecurity architecture to provide maximum protection to their data.

Why should you resell FileWall for Exchange Online or Microsoſt 365 mail?

Why should you resell FileWall for Exchange Online or Microsoſt 365 mail?

Why should you resell FileWall for Exchange Online or Microsoſt 365 mail?

FileWall™ is the only Microsoft 365 native app for CDR malware prevention and handles all incoming email traffic, including internal emails.

All partners deploying Microsoft 365 can bundleFileWall’s best-in-class anti-malware solution to your customers with simple click deployment.

FileWall complements Office 365 and Exchange Online security.

Not-for-reselling licenses are available to any Reseller partner free of charge to take advantage of all the functionalities for their organization



Unparalleled unique technology & patented TrueCDR™ algorithm.



Essential deep file inspection service with Zero maintenance effort.



Affordable to any company including SMBs starting with a low monthly cost of less than €1/user.


FileWall Exchange Online

Peter, the Sales Director of the insurance firm “Protect your Property” receivesmany emails daily. However, by clicking on an attached file of aninnocent-looking email, a malicious code was channeled throughout thecompany’s network. The firm’s main worry is on protecting their communicationswith internal or external users and especially keep their customers’data secure. They need the most now to add an addition to the securitylayer to complement their Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection andExchange Online Protection deployment and safeguard 25 employees frommalware. Then, they communicate with Mario, their IT consultant askingfor his advice.

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 17

Once Mario hears the issue, he straight forwardly suggests that the best solution is to deploy FileWall on their Exchange online. Within a fewclicks, Mario activates the FileWall service on Microsoft 365 mail that disarmsany malicious code hidden in attachments.FileWall supports the protection of even the most complex files, including archives, password-protected files, nested files, and more. FileWall eliminates malware embedded in files and provides a sanitized file for safe use.

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 18

The company enjoys enterprise-grade protection that controls any email security policy and sanitizes potential threats before they can do harm. FileWall has significantly decreased malware infiltration into Protectyour Property’s secure systems, providing increased security and peaceof mind. FileWall doesn’t harm or change any of Microsoft sender-relatedsecurity capabilities, rather it checks and eliminates malicious parts of the attachment and provides the users with a fully accessible file.With the FileWall add-on for Microsoft Exchange Online, they leverage asolution that perfectly complements their Microsoft 365 deployment.

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