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Google Workspace

G Suite just got better — introducing Google Workspace

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What is Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)?

Google Workspace is the best package of Google cloud services that includes communication, collaboration and storage tools. Do you want to have direct contact with your partners? Do you want to edit your files with the most smart tools? Do you want to save and access your files at any time?

We have the solution!

Google Workspace is a package of cloud-based services that can provide a company with a new way of online collaboration — not just though email and chat, but also through video conferences, social media, real-time document collaborations, and more.

Why should you resell Google Workspace through

You can save time and money!

All you have to do is start selling

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Who might be interested ?

SMBs companies that are looking for:







A secure and
(with AI technology) platform for productivity and collaboration 







A broad and comprehensive
set of capabilities
in one single package







A cost-efficient solution
with advanced


Is your case similar to the example of S&B S.A?

The small and medium-sized trading company S&B S.A.
uses Google Cloud at every level of the business!
of the business!



Exactly 1 1/2 year ago, Tom who is the company’s owner
had several worries about how to improve
the management of the 3 retail branches!

Especially, he wanted to:


  • leverage easily, simply and in real-time communications with colleagues from anywhere,
  • address to business challenges quickly,
  • increase productivity and coordination among branches’ operations,
  • achieve real-time document collaborations,
  • data storage and share, and of course,
  • have peace of mind that all company’s data is always protected, 24/7!

It was then when he became acquainted with Mario, an IT Engineer, and he felt
he felt free to share his concerns about how
he could address all the above!


The solution was born in the Cloud and Tom was able to enjoy
full functionality from day one.


The digital transformation through Google Workspace
gave true mobility without limits!


The employees became more agile, more data-driven, more
collaborative, more productive
and more engaged.



Now, they are kept constantly connected by:



email each other quickly.



see real time documents’ changes and easily work on documents, spreadsheets and slides across devices, with or without internet.



use shared calendars to check availability and schedule meetings with automatic email invites. Also, they turn meetings into video conferences as well as share their screen to review your work as a team, and make decisions on the spot.



share, upload and download files easy and fast.

And what did they achieve so far?


gsuite work faster
Work faster
39% less waiting time for new documents creation & edit




gsuite less spent time
More productive
77% less spent time for communication and decision-making




gsuite Enhance engagement
Enhance engagement
83% more employees’ commitment and content collaboration






Today, Tom is carefree concerning data protection
since Google’s network has been designed having
both performance and security
as top priorities!


Would you like to see a real case study?

And now that you have seen the case of Tom’s business you may want to take a look at a real Google’s case study about Celio!

Now you can choose the package that Suit(e)s you best!


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gsuite business


gsuite enterprice

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