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Managed Services by

Absolute control over the health and performance of your servers by our experts

George is one of the’s experienced professionals that will ensure that your servers will always run at maximum performance.

George says: “Stand back and relax, while my team will manage your residence to the Cloud”

With managed services by, the health and performance of your servers becomes our responsibility.

Benefit from managed services today, choose the add-on that best fit your needs and we will take care of the rest! To keep your data safe you do not need to put your time and effort into finding the right management tool. Trust our experienced professionals and we will undertake the complete management of your servers.



Meet your new
Server Administrator!

managed services

Your servers will run at 100%
performance under any

Primary Plan

Managed Services by 1

The ultimate health and performance control of your server by the experts

You don’t need to have technical background to move to the Cloud, nor to hire in-house server administrators. We take care of everything and we ensure high quality of service at a low cost. Security, monitoring, risk prevention and instant response to events is all you need for your Cloud Servers to be healthy and functional.




Constant control and monitoring. We ensure that your Windows or Linux OS servers will always run at maximum performance.




Patching Updates

We apply to you all critical Windows OS patches by shielding your VMs against potential system weaknesses.





Guaranteed response time of 30 minutes or less for critical issues. You can have peace of mind as our team will work exclusively on your issue until it is resolved!





With Webroot Business Endpoint Protection you will be sure that your customers’ VMs will be protected from any kind of online threat.



For integrated management and additional security you can enrich your package with a range of add-ons.

Security remains our priority. Benefit from the flexibility of Managed Services adding capabilities as your needs grow.

Managed Cloud Backup

All your data is constantly saved in Cloud backup to make sure you can recover them at any time.


What we offer:

  Managed Services Managed Cloud Backup
24/7 Monitor server health and performance: uptime, disk capacity, disk
performance, CPU utilization, memory utilization, more…
managed services
Recommend hardware/software updates or upgrades managed services
24/7 Monitor of Windows and Linux OS managed services
Critical Windows OS patch management managed services
Malware detection, prevention, and protection managed services
Multi-shield zero-day threat protection managed services
Intelligent firewall managed services
Lightweight and powerful threat protection software agent managed services
No threat protection software conflicts with existing security solution managed services
Fully remote endpoint threat protection management managed services
Fully automated security software operation managed services
Application white- and blacklisting managed services
Full offline endpoint threat protection managed services
Security software multi-OS, virtualization, terminal server & Citrix support managed services
Server backup based on your needs and preferred policy managed services
Daily backup schedules health monitoring managed services
Software agents updating managed services
Web console error handling and user notification if VM access is needed managed services
Advisory service for restoring backups into a production server (if needed) managed services
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Use Cases
Why do I need Managed Services?

managed services

User Case #1

I’m looking for an easy and affordable way to manage my servers

Managed Services by provide you with continuous health and performance control over your servers, threat protection via the latest endpoint antivirus and support when you need it.

managed services

User Case #2

I need backup for all my Cloud Servers

With Managed Services by and Backup plan add-on, you can ensure the security and protection of your data.

Your data will be stored in the modern infrastructure, and can be retrieved any time you need it.

managed services

User Case #3

I want my Cloud infrastructure to be GDPR-compliant

All of your data is stored in the modern, GDPR-compliant datacenter, and processed according to European standards for data security.

managed services

User Case #4

I do not have the proper know-how to manage the new infrastructure

You do not need to be a server expert. With Managed Services you have an entire team of qualified specialists to manage your VMs at a very low cost.

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