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Microsoft New Commerce Experience

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What is NCE?

The NCE is the latest version of the CSP program’s evolution, which will provide Microsoft partners with new tools to manage license-based subscriptions, new sales capabilities, and tools to manage subscriptions more effectively. In fact, it is a unified way of licensing ownership. NCE ensures stronger customer commitment with multiple term options. Microsoft’s vision is to provide a single, integrated platform unifying customers’ experience.

What is the impact on your business?


Multi-vector protection


Scheduled subscription renewal

Allows partners to manage subscriptions in advance instead of contacting customers to make manual changes at renewal.


Deep learning intelligence


Increased flexibility

Monthly term subscription option allows customers to cancel or reduce seats at the end of any month.


Zero-hour security


Automatic seat assignment with full upgrade

Easier and more convenient subscription management for customers.


No conflicts


Higher customer commitment

Customers get more value from the partners’ services and support, as well as better pricing.


Fast deployment & scans


Midterm subscription upgrades

Gives customers more options to meet changing needs.


No reimaging


Optimized costs and more savings

New monthly-term offers are added with a 20% price premium.


Online management


Multi-year billing plans

Additional option to accommodate customers’ payment preferences.


Industry- leading efficacy


Clear billing experience

Simplified billing experiences in alignment with Azure.


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Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program is constantly evolving, aiming to address the changing industry needs. Putting partners at the center of the SMB digital transformation, Microsoft invests in the CSP program, ensuring an optimal experience for every business…

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