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the platform

A robust solution tailored to meet the needs of cloud resellers and vendors

Expand your competitive advantage with the platform


One platform.
Endless capabilities.




Robust & fully transparent billing



Provision any service from any cloud



Zero time to market for service providers

Cloud Business as a Service

You can showcase your cloud services in your own custom branded marketplace.
Provide your customers with multiple payment gateways and a transparent view of their key billing information.
Easily create your own catalog of custom cloud services and dramatically increase your revenue by selling 24/7.


Take advantage of the powerful billing engine of the platform. Apply billing rules, like price protection and free period, to stay competitive and minimize exposure with credit controls and reconciliation tools. Everything a service provider needs to easily handle billing procedures, integrated in a unified and complete platform.



Easily create and quickly sell all your cloud products via a custom-branded and user-friendly marketplace for cloud services and outperform competition. The marketplace will help you maintain a crystal-clear billing relationship with your customers while providing them with all the necessary tools to run their complete workflow seamlessly 24/7. Publish your cloud marketplace within days with the platform



Leverage the already established integrations and activate cloud services instantly with the powerful provisioning tools of the platform. Provision any service from any cloud using our open Service Manager API. Automatically provision Microsoft Cloud Services from one or more CSP partner centers and top selling cloud applications from top cloud vendors by taking advantage of the existing integrations of the platform. Moreover gain the ability to create custom IaaS and SaaS offerings hosted on your own infrastructure.


3rd Party Integration

Connect seamlessly with your existing systems using the platform API. Bring your software to a global distribution network utilizing our open APIs. Get access to a large catalog of pre-built integrations and connect with any app! With our open APIs, you can connect your own legacy systems with your cloud operations platform and create seamless workflows for your customers and your employees


Business Reporting

Get real-time customized reports at the speed of business and make the right choice the right time! Make informed decisions and monitor business metrics of your cloud business with the ultimate business reporting tool of the platform. The platform helps you respond to the rapidly changing market conditions with an easy-to-use but powerful reporting tool.


Reseller Management

Expand your cloud business with the best in market multi-tier reseller channel management experience. Use and offer your resellers the most advanced tool for automation and monitoring of cloud services, increasing revenues and reducing churn. The platform offers an advanced reseller management system that can help you succeed in the cloud industry and be a CSP rock-star. Through this multi-tier experience you can offer your resellers the most advanced tool for automation, billing and monitoring of cloud services. Additionally you can now synchronize automatically, resellers’ accounts and subscriptions through our platform.


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