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Give more value to your customers by offering Microsoft 365

office 365 better cooperation
Better cooperation
Microsoft 365 provides flexibility, mobility and online files storage and sharing, improving the cooperation among teams.
office 365 improve performance
Improve performance
Microsoft 365 contributes to quicker and more effective task implementation, allowing increase of business’s performance and customers’ acquisition.
office 365 full security
Full security
Microsoft 365 guarantees data protection and files security against malicious attacks due to incorporated security tools.
office 365 flexibility
Ease & Flexibility
Easy to install, use, access and manage! Microsoft 365 is ideal for any business which search for a direct and effective Office solution.
office 365 mobility
Microsoft 365 guarantees access from anywhere and any device. Wherever you are your files will be there, as well! You will have total monitoring of your business each and every moment.
office 365 support
24/7 support provided by a global network of specialized engineers. Now you can ensure your customers that they can work without occurring unexpected events.

Which version of Microsoft 365 suits the most to each customer?

Features Business Enterprise
Max number of seats 300 unlimited
Email/Calendars some plans all plans
Online Office apps all plans all plans
Office apps installation some plans some plans
Advanced management & security capabilities some plans
Advanced Skype capabilities some plans

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office 365 Sell and provision
Sell and provision Microsoft Azure & Office 365 in less than 10 minutes

Learn from the cloud experts some Office 365-Tips and tricks and watch a Microsoft Azure Demo (Credit control engine & Usage estimations and notifications)

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office 365 tips
Securing your Office 365.Tips and tricks from the best!

Ever wonder how secure your Office 365 organization really is? Time to stop wondering – the Office 365 Secure Score is here to help. Secure Score analyzes your Office 365 organization’s security based on your regular activities and security settings and assigns a score. Think of it as a credit score for security.

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office 365 tools
How to leverage Office 365 with the best productivity tools!

Explore a number of tools and functions, that Microsoft has introduced which will boost Office 365 productivity and create an infinitely more streamlined working environment.

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