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Resell Microsoft Azure

Provide Microsoft Azure services and tools easily and safely.

Microsoft Azure is the ultimate cloud services platform for each type of business.

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Safe remote cooperation

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Easy Cloud applications creation

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Pay-as-you-go model

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Cloud services and infrastructure
Microsoft Azure provides the platform and the infrastructure for easy creation and management of Cloud applications.
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Applications’ creation in the Cloud 
Microsoft Azure is ideal for developers who want to create applications in the Cloud. It provides over 100 tools for business, mobile, web and IoT applications’ development and management.
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Hybrid data storage solution 
Microsoft Azure is a hybrid Cloud solution since it can easily get extended to on-premises servers via Azure Stack.

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Your customers can leverage Cloud applications in any programming language, using the tool or framework that suits them most, with no technical limitations!

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Productivity increase
Azure users become more productive due to the pre-installed templates, the specialized tools and the managed services that help them build applications easily and quickly.
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Use of “Smart” data
Your customers can implement “smart” applications in the Cloud, using Azure artificial intelligence services and “smart” data.

Pay-as-you-go billing model
with no limitations.

Azure services can easily get upgraded or downgraded depending on your customers’ needs.

Your clients only pay for the resources they use, expanding their business without restrictions. Security and support are provided by their infrastructure.

Offer Microsoft Azure to your customers today!

Provide high quality and reliability of a powerful cloud that hosts startups, e-government applications and large enterprises from all over the world.

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