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Serres Cloud Day 2018: It was just the beginning

25/09/2018 | News

Microsoft, and onset joined forces to bring innovative Cloud technology to Serres through Serres Cloud Day 2018. The first big technology event in the city was completed on Tuesday 25/9 at Computerlab (Ditikis Trakis 3) and has been a pole of attraction for more that 100 SMBs and large enterprises. Entrepreneurs and IT executives traveled from Xanthi, Kavala, Drama, Veria, Ptolemaida and Thessaloniki to join the first technological hub in the city of Serres.

The world of Cloud opened its doors at 6:00 pm and executives from Microsoft and presented the latest solutions to the technological issues that Greek companies face, showcasing the best practices already applied by large companies abroad. Among the presentations there were very interesting facts, including that 86% of CEOs worldwide have digital transformation as their first priority.

The agenda included topics covering Cloud Infrastructure (Data Centers), new business Cloud applications and GDPR solutions. The complete agenda:

At the end of the night, a lucky attendee won a Samsung Galaxy A8 (onset offer) after a draw. The draw was followed by a reception where the attendees had the opportunity to relax with a light dinner, discuss with the speakers and watch live demos of Cloud products and services.

Participants expressed their interest for the new cloud solutions by, that are based on Microsoft technologies, which are offering data storage in Greece against Data Centers abroad at very favorable prices and flexible plans. View detailed plans:

Serres Cloud Day 2018 was the introduction of a technology hub that will unite all the big cities in northern Greece by providing support, training and technology to entrepreneurs operating in Thessaloniki, Serres, Kavala, Kilkis, Drama and Alexandroupolis through events and conferences. The unexpectedly large participation in Serres Cloud Day 2018 was the proof that the technology community exists and innovates in northern Greece and will be strengthened even further in the years to come.

“I feel great joy and honor because the first Serres Cloud Day was completed with great success! For us, the fact that participation exceeded the expectations and that people have finally come to get to know a new and innovative technology are the most important indicators. I am sure that Serres Cloud Day 2019, will have an even greater impact on the business world of Northern Greece and we commit ourselves to be even more suited to the specific needs of this audience. ” said Pelagia Papoulidou, Vice President Marketing at the end of the event.

“The interest that the participants showed in both the event and the Cloud services and products we offer gives us an incentive to continue our effort and to organize even bigger events and technology conferences in the future.” said Anastasios Roditsis, CEO of the onset company and host of Serres Cloud Day 2018. “People are expecting a lot of us.” Onset, and Microsoft made their voice heard in Serres and they committed to support new entrepreneurs providing new Cloud technologies and infrastructure. Serres Cloud Day was just the beginning.”