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Serres Cloud Day 2018

18/09/2018 | News

Serres Cloud Day 2018: Microsoft and are coming to Serres
Something new is happening in Serres!
For the first time, Microsoft and are coming to the city and are ready to devote an entire day to technology. Specialists from both companies will be on Tuesday 25/9/2018, at Computerlab, to inform entrepreneurs, about the advantages and opportunities of the new Cloud era.
 As Pelagia Papoulidou, VP customer engagement of points out, Serres Cloud Day 2018 is the beginning of a series of technology events and conferences that will take place in Serres over time: “Our vision is to create a technology hub in northern Greece that will unite all new entrepreneurs in Thessaloniki, Serres, Kavala, Kilkis, Drama and Alexandroupolis, and help spread knowledge and innovation. Serres Cloud Day is only the beginning and will be repeated every year. It’s a bet, that we are positive we will win”.
The event will be held with the initiative and support of Anastasios Rontsis, ONSET CEO: “It is a great honor for us that two leading technology companies are coming to our city. Serres is changing and gradually turning into a new technology center with many opportunities for young entrepreneurs. Our goal is to highlight these opportunities, help businesses evolve and support innovation in every aspect”.
Speeches on the General Data Privacy Policy (GDPR), as well as live demos of software products and services, will also be presented in the event. At the end, a lucky attendee will have the chance to win the new Samsung Galaxy A8 and increase his productivity on the go.
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