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Storage as a Service

Meet the next generation Cloud Storage solution by
acronis Storage




Easy access and control of your data – Use Storage as a Service as if it was an external drive





Fast access to archived data whenever you need it – SSD Caching





Reliability and local residence – Complete solution and support in one data center





A low-cost file repository for archiving and storing data

Storage for unlimited files with free data transfer and free bandwidth
– You only pay for the storage you use
– Access to your data through the S3 client software of your choice
– Local data residency and applicable regulations compliance – All your data is stored in Greece, encrypted in’s managed and controlled data center
– A high-performing solution that has low network latency, faster data recovery and no bandwidth limits

Storage as a Service by

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What kind of data can you store with Object Storage

Storage as a Service 2

Object Storage technology is suitable for the storage of data that do not need databases. That kind of data are videos, photos, emails and office files.

Take advantage of the new technology and sore your unstructured data to separate storage infrastructure eliminating the operational costs of your business while ensuring the safety of your data.

Why to choose Storage as a Service

acronis Storage

Why to choose Storage as a Service


Less management

Less maintenance

Low network Latency

Faster data recovery

High performance

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