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Ad hoc IT services that guarantee resources savings

ASK DATASHEET’s Technical Services is an effortless solution with the purchase of “time” in advance at a discount price, offering extended support and/or professional services on an ad hoc basis, regardless of the issue involved.

Give your customers the privilege to choose the Technical Services plan that corresponds to their needs and your job is done! We cover any support provision.


What is it?

technical services


Use Case

technical services

Mario is an IT service provider, who strives to set an over-demanding support plan for his customers. However, many times his clients require services on an ad hoc basis that create the need for case-by-case quote, approval, invoicing and payments, resulting in high administrative costs, service delays and budget overruns.

This perplexing process makes him realize his real needs. But, which could be the solution that would let him go the extra mile? It is a complete and fully customized professional solution that includes a large variety of his customers’ needs! Indeed, it is something more than technical support and managed services. This solution is composed by a list of specialized or not IT tasks which consume a lot of time that he could spend on driving his business forward.

From now on, Mario can have peace of mind since the solution at his fingertips! As an’s reseller he is able to give a solution to any of his customers’ ad hoc requirements.

He just chooses the Technical Services package that mostly corresponds to the customer’s needs and within zero-time he is provided with extensive services that are available whenever and as much as he needs them.

Mario has now the time needed to spend on strategic actions that add value to his business!

technical services

A requirement that Mario has to address the most often is the restoring of a VM from DPM. Suppose that restoring a VM of 230GB requires approximately 3 hours. Mario and his team of engineers have a long to-do list of IT projects. It becomes incrementally time-consuming to delay the ongoing, even bigger, projects to provide a VM restore and indeed with the frequency this happens. It has been a long time now, that Mario has realized that setting an experienced team of IT experts as your No1 priority is critical to successfully manage such essential technoligies. However, he is not yet ready to employ more staff.

Mario, focusing on his aim to digitally transform his business chooses the Technical Services packages according to each customer’s needs, since 6 months now. He uses these IT services for any ad hoc requirement and only when it is necessary. He has the flexibility needed with no need to invest in increasing his team.

For him, as a business owner, it’s an ultimate solution as he is juggling multiple projects and he needs a clear sense of direction!

technical services

Within six months the results are crystal-clear!

Project Management
Improved by 20% the first 3 months and by 47% the last 3 months

Customer Engagement & Loyalty
He receives overwhelmingly positive feedback (+40%) for the service quality and quick response.

28% up within this 6-month period of Technical Services integration

Are you wondering what other services Mario is provided with through the Technical Services? Here are some indicative

  • checkSSL Setup in combination with SSL Purchase
  • checkAdd resources to a VM (example: extra Storage to a VM or addition of extra Ram to a VM)
  • checkCreate Antispam Rules (Spamexperts)
  • checkAssistance on VPN Connection setup

Do you feel that your case is similar to Mario’s?

It’s your time to leverage the capabilities that Technical services offer you! The outcomes will exceed your expectations, as well!

The top 5 benefits of Technical Services

Pre-Paid Professional services

Improved budgeting & and forecasting

Pre-Paid Professional services

Cost & Time savings

Pre-Paid Professional services

Service delays prevention

Pre-Paid Professional services

All- inclusive support coverage

Pre-Paid Professional services

Revenue Growth

Pre-Paid Professional services

Now you can offer professional serviceς, easy and always according to your customers’ needs!

To move on…

Step 1

Check all the features!

  • A BLUEBOOK SUPPLEMENT with fully-transparent task solution time requirements. 
  • 20% OF UNUSED HOURS CARRYOVER when a new Technical Services package is purchased at anniversary (not available for the 5 hours package).
  • NO TIME DEDUCTION for issues determined to be’s responsibility.
  • MINIMUM 20 minutes charge.
  • GRANULAR TIME CHARGES with a minimum of 20 minutes and 10 minutes steps.
  • FULL PERSONALIZED VIEW with information about each Pre-Paid Services case, the total Pre-Paid Services hours purchased, the total hours used, the total hours remaining and their expiration date.
  • ADVANCE ESTIMATES of the time required for resolving complex issues.
  • ADVANCE ESTIMATES of the time required for resolving issues not included in the Bluebook Supplement.

Step 2

Choose your package and use it at any moment within 12 months from the purchase date.

Technical Services Package Plans

Pre-Paid Professional services
Pre-Paid Professional services
Pre-Paid Professional services
Pre-Paid Professional services

Leverage peace of mind by providing a predetermined number of support hours that can be used at a moment’s notice and prevents service delays.

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