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Cyberthreat Protection
by Fortinet

A complete security vision through an ultimate protection fabric

This service effectively neutralizes a wide range of security threats facing a virtualized environment. Whether deployed at the edge as a front-line defense, or deep within the virtual infrastructure for inter-zone security, it protects the virtual infrastructure with some oThreat protectionf the most effective security available today by enabling the security features required.

What is the Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet?

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 1

Who might be interested?

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 2

SMBs and Corporate organizations with or without dedicated IT resources who need advanced protection for their cloud server infrastructure to cover web application firewalling, antivirus, IDS, SD-WAN and cloud sandbox based detection.

Why should you resell Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet?

It is a complete server security as a service solution for cloud infrastructure that helps businesses to:

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 3get a total server protection solution as a service for their cloud infrastructure environment.

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 3have always updated security protection from a leading vendor, Fortinet.

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 3feel relaxed and manage the advanced security solution with remote access to powerful tools.

On the contrary, time and money will be lost by dealing with separate security suppliers, risking wasting resources to maintain and support disparate solutions.

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 6

What is included in the service pack?

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 7

Firewall (NGFW)

High threat protection performance with automated visibility to stop attacks.

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 8

Instrusion Prevention

Comprehensive threat protection of workloads that enter or leave the hybrid data center.

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 9


Comprehensive and multi-layered approach to detect and filter spam with dual-pass detection technology that can dramatically reduce spam volume at the perimeter, giving unmatched control of email attacks and infections.

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 10

Secure SD-WAN

(for on-premise only) – It provides quick and easy access to any application wherever it resides. SD-WAN intelligently determines which path best meets the ideal performance needs for a specific application and then automatically routes the traffic through to the ideal WAN path.

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 11

Web Application
Firewall (WAF) and
API Protection

Comprehensive approach to protect Web applications, including IP reputation, DDoS protection, protocol validation, application attack signatures, bot mitigation, and more to defend applications against a wide range of threats.

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 12

Web Filtering

Protection against web-based attacks by blocking access to malicious, hacked, or inappropriate websites.

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 13


Quickly create policies to allow, deny or restrict access to applications or entire categories of applications. Extensive visibility into application usage in real-time, as well as trends over time through views, visualizations, and reports.

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 14


Simplified, easy-to-manage, single pane of glass for managing all protection components.

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 15

Malware Protection

It includes the following services: Antivirus, Botnet IP/Domain Security, Mobile Security, Advanced Threat Protection, Virus Outbreak Protection, Content Disarm & Reconstruction

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The Healthcare center “ZOI” offers excellent medical services, provided by expert teams and comprehensive facilities dedicated to the sole objective of providing the best and most complete health service to patients. The organization has 6 diagnostic centers and occupies more from 8-15 employees per center.

An emergence issue for them is the compliance regulations that stipulated the encryption of patient information and medical records and images.

They specifically wanted a firewall solution that could handle our growing volumes of encrypted network traffic. They have multiple systems that generate patient data that must be encrypted as well as medical imaging systems. While the organization Manager, John Petras, was searching for the right solution, he needed to demonstrate return on investment (ROI)— which is more than simply cost for them. It also involves aspects such as ease of deployment and management.

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 16
Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 17

Having communicating the issue to their external IT partner Mario, John realized that the organizations needs a high-performance solution that includes many other of their needs like

  • Antispam
  • Advanced Malware Protection
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Web Filtering

Mario strongly suggested that the ultimate solution is the Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet Also, Mario guaranteed that this solution reduce the complexity, manages critical external risks and remove blind spots.

John and his team understood that implementing next-generation firewall (NGFW) devices can be a complex process, with multiple factors affecting the overall performance of the solution.

Examining the issue in depth, John found out that this solutions is an all-in-one package that provides top level of security and management of many vulnerability issues by one singe console.

John and his team have peace of mind with the results across all their critical issues. They leverage effective and comprehensive protection that immediately reduced risk of a security breach hidden within encrypted traffic. John enjoys an 100% inspection of network traffic while operating without performance degradation. Once the platform got installed, there is no further need to engage with any element of hardware. They enjoy their capability for centralized visibility of all deployed VMs.

With high-performance protection, dynamic scalability, fabric deployment and exceptional value that Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet offers the organization can now cover all the key requirements for encryption inspection across a distributed healthcare infrastructure. They know well that they are responsible for keeping their patients’ private information safe and secure at all times. The Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet plays a major role in how they succeed in leveraging high-threat protection due to the Next-Generation Firewall as wells as advanced threat detection of multiple malicious activities across all their facilities.

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 18
Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 28

Threat protection across the entire digital attack surface

A consolidated security and compliance solution designed to specifically address all vulnerabilities across every virtual resource and the only one to provide next-generation firewall, intrusion prevention, antivirus, antispam, secure SD-WAN, web application firewall, web filtering, application control and morecombined in one product.

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 29

Easy configuration and quick deployment

Implement critical security controls within your virtual infrastructure and rapidly provision security infrastructure whenever and wherever it is needed. Easily manage and update your security from a common centralized management platform

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 30

Increased visibility and control, simplified ops

Secure the core, the edge and increase visibility and control over communications within the virtualized infrastructure. Gain access to network and security events for contextual visibility and simplify operations with automated processes.

Unified Cyberthreat Protection by Fortinet 31

Reduced cost and maximum ROI

Consolidate products and services to reduce complexity and manage your assets from a single pane of glass. With industry-leading total threat protection, you can reduce costs and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

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