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Virtual Private Network

What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

A virtual private network enables you to extend your company’s private network into the cloud. This way you can access your resources and data center remotely and bring all your companies offices or branches together as if they were physically connected in the same network. A virtual private network can ensure the security of the data transmission channels, providing for you and your team the security of a private network combined with the flexibility of the cloud.


Isolated and Secure environment for your applications

With the virtual network services provided by, you can run your applications and virtual machines in a completely isolated and secure environment. Access your data from anywhere, through a safe and encrypted connection as if you were connected directly through your private physical network. The authentication methods used for the connections ensure that your sensitive data travels through secure tunnels and that only the users that meet certain requirements will be able to access them.

Design complicated networks that meet your requirements

Design the virtual network that will cover your company’s needs and have full control over the virtual topologies. Customize your virtual network per your specific requirements.

Scale as you grow – into the cloud

Create your virtual network to extend your entire IT environment into the Cloud. Access your data center from anywhere and connect your new branches through a secure and reliable virtual network topology. Growing your company was never faster and easier.

Effortlessly Connect your on-premises infrastructure to the Cloud

With VPN Gateways by you can always stay connected and access your company’s data from anywhere.

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Connect your local private network to the Cloud with a Site-to-Site VPN Gateway

With Site-to-Site VPN Gateway you can easily connect your on premises network to the cloud. This way you will be able to access your virtual machines from any local device in your physical network and have your resources always available through a cross-premises connection.

The VPN Gateway connection between your datacenter and the virtual network on is similar to the connection between branches of the same company. The local and the virtual network can exchange encrypted data as if they were connected into one, physical network.

Now you can bring your own network to the Cloud with Azure Pack IaaS,and expand it for unlimited opportunities with the VPN connections add-on.


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