Secure the remote workforce with Microsoft 365 Business Premium

24 May 2021


The IT landscape is constantly evolving and adapting to new conditions. The primary need that has been monopolizing the interest of small and medium-sized enterprises for the last year is how to ensure business continuity, when all their staff work remotely. What is more, often enough part of the staff uses devices that have not been approved by the organization, such as personal laptops or tablets.

In particular, the increasing use of non-corporate devices has become even more pronounced during the first round of lockdowns all over the world where no organization was sufficiently equipped to supply their personnel with portable devices (laptops).

Today there are multiple solutions out there. But can they ensure business continuity in a safe way without impacting the ability of company departments to work together in an orderly manner?


Turnkey solution

Microsoft 365 is a cost-efficient, secure, productivity solution which incorporates a complete toolset that allows organizations to remain productive and secure while working from anyplace and any device.

For the SMB customers which operate with less than 300 employees (users), the Microsoft 365 Business Premium plan offers advanced security capabilities and simplified data control, such as:


Azure AD Premium Plan 1

  • Azure Multi-Factor Authentication – Additional service for verifying users’ identities
  • Application Proxy – Reverse Proxy service for secure access to applications hosted in the cloud & on-premises
  • Cloud App Discovery – An enhanced security service that provides visibility on the use of an organization’s applications and the flow of information by its users.
  • Conditional Access – A security service that regulates and controls secure access to an organization’s cloud applications and services.
  • Dynamic Groups – The ability to create groups in the Azure Active Directory where membership is calculated in a dynamic way and according to criteria set by each organization.
  • Passwordless authentication – The ability to authenticate users without security codes but using alternative authentication methods such as FIDO2 keys or an application from a mobile device.


Azure Information Protection Plan 1

  • Protection for Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Microsoft OneDrive for Business – Data tracking, classification and protection service
  • Office 365 Message Encryption (OME) – Encrypted mailbox

Defender for Office 365

  • Anti-phishing – Protection against phishing attacks
  • Anti-spam – Protection against spam attacks
  • Anti-Malware – Protection against malware.
  • Safe Attachments – Protection against malicious files attached to the emails users receive
  • Safe Links – Protection against malicious links that circulate through Microsoft 365 Communication Services.


Microsoft Endpoint Manager

  • Microsoft Intune – Cloud Service for managing terminals, mobile devices and mobile applications
  • Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager for managing Windows Endpoints and co-management – On-premises terminal control and management suite
  • Autopilot – Service for remote activation and configuration of users’ terminals.


Windows Virtual Desktop

  • Access Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 7 Enterprise desktops and apps – The right to use virtual cloud terminals securely and remotely.


The business opportunity for our partners

Our partners are presented with the opportunity to increase their turnover by providing end customers with specialized services focused on enhanced security, using the features included in the Microsoft 365 Business Premium use plan, including:

  1. Control and management of mobile and terminal devices (Endpoint Manager)
  2. Data Security and Compliance (Azure Information Protection)
  3. Identity and Application Protection (Azure Active Directory Premium)
  4. Protection against malicious attacks (Defender for Office 365)
  5. Safe and remote work (Windows Virtual Desktop & Microsoft Azure)

The needs of your customers are evolving at a very fast pace and it is clear that every organization that wants to stand out, must be provided with the appropriate tools and services to be ready to face similar challenges in the future. Are you ready to meet their needs?

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check Over 85% of our partners started with a demo!


check We support and guide IT professionals like you to grow their business in the most efficient way.


check Take advantage of consultation according to your and your clients’ needs now!